Pit Bulls Are Finding New Families With Local Police Departments As Low Cost K9 Officers

Pit bulls get a bad reputation for being inherently mean, vicious, or "evil" dogs, and it's a totally unfair assumption. Unfortunately because of the dogs' build and strength, they're prime candidates for dog fighting. Their stocky necks and bodies are built for toughness, but demeanor wise, bully breeds have always been extremely loyal, family dogs.
And thanks to a bunch of animal abusers, Pits have been unfairly treated like canine monsters. Their reputation has become so bad that cities like Montreal have even tried banning people from keeping Pit bulls as pets.
Now, thankfully, there are tons of programs out there trying to change people's notions about Pit bulls. And they're accomplishing this by not only putting them in caring family homes, but by training them as K9 officers.

The Animal Farm Foundation collaborated with Austin Pets Alive! and Universal K9 to give Pits the training they need to be effective pup officers of the law.

More like officer of the paw, amirite?

The beauty of the program is that it's not only helping Pit bulls find caring homes, but it's extremely beneficial to local police departments as well.


Traditional K9 service dogs cost a ton in breeding and training charges. By using dogs that are already up for adoption, K-9 pits are saving police departments a lot of money, according to the Protect Pit Bulls from BSL Facebook group.

“Instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a trained Belgian or GSD, they are now taking pit bulls from shelters and training them, and they are proving themselves to be amazing police and military K9′s.”


And since Pits are extremely obedient and tough, they can be trained to do almost anything officers need them to do.


Many towns and cities have already adopted Pit bulls into their K9 unit fold.

Oh. My. God. He has a little vest and badge!

K9 trainer at Austin Pets Alive! stressed that the animals are given individual training and a dog's past has little bearing on its training.


“AFF [Austin Pets Alive!] stresses treating each dog as an individual — we can’t base their behavior on their appearance or their past. Clifford doesn’t speculate or dwell on their past. The dogs don’t either. Let them be dogs,." Said dog trainer, Bernice Clifford.

The training programs have been so effective that the only problem police have had with Pits is training them to be more aggressive towards people!


Hopefully, the work continues and we'll see more Pits with badges and vests helping to keep our streets safe. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially adorable puppers.
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