Guy Trolls Trump Campaign By Purchasing Unclaimed Domain And Posting This Image

Software engineer Brian Lam was bored one evening and made an interesting discovery; the domain wasn't taken. 

Having had just about enough of Trump after watching all the debates, he decided to buy it and place a special image for anyone thinking of voting for Trump next month. 


Currently, his post has more than 72,000 likes and 14,000 shares and has circulated through several image boards as well.

While not the first politician that failed to secure all domain names that sound legitimate, (check out the novelty of a Trump run at the presidency has worn off months ago, and this is one more gaffe in the giant pile of failures his campaign has been met with since Trump won the GOP nomination.
As with many other viral hits, Brian couldn't have predicted that his small joke would take off the way it did. Many people started sharing his website link to troll their friends and family with much success based on what the server activity looked like.
brian users
photo credit: Brian Lam

Brian shared some of the 'fan-mail' he earned through the prank from Trump supporters, including one person who didn't seem to get the point of the site since he sent over a number of banner designs for Brian to use.
Distractify reached out to Brian and asked about what led to him actually searching for and purchasing the domain.
"I don’t remember my exact thought process, but I was showering and remembered that people can buy '.pizza' domains. I go to school in St. Louis, and the joke is that Imo’s pizza tastes like cardboard, so I thought about buying and uploading a video of myself eating their pizza and crying, as a joke. That domain was already taken, so I started looking for other domains and wound up on this one.
In the end, I did it because I thought it was funny, and I couldn’t believe the domain hadn’t been taken yet. Besides, it’s ironic that Trump talks so confidently about “cyber”, when he clearly knows so little about technology. I think it shows his tendency to speak without forethought or basic knowledge."
One Imgurian suggested that in retaliation, Trump would probably buy and do the same, but more likely than not it'll either be ignored or he'll be offered a small sum for the website. Probably something that would amount to the value of a small loan.
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