13 Of The Creepiest Things Caught On Camera In 2016

It's already that time of year again when we reflect on all of the memories that the past 12 months have given us.

I'm sure we can all agree that 2016 has been full of crazy, controversial, and even scary happenings that have gotten completely under our skin. That's why we decided that there's no better way to say goodbye than to share some of the year's most terrifying documented events with you.
Here are 22 of the creepiest photos and videos taken in 2016.

1. In August, EMS workers discovered a human heart inside a plastic bag in Norwalk, Ohio.

2. A priest in Peru performed an exorcism on two teenagers when they showed signs of being possessed.

3. Russian tourists filmed what they believed to be a Yeti in November.

4. This woman recorded herself allegedly being demonically possessed while on the phone with her boyfriend.

5. During a ghost hunt on Halloween night, these people captured two of them in a group photo.

6. This guy woke up to a ton of poltergeist activity in his apartment.

7. When pelicans yawn, it's surprisingly disturbing.

8. This gamer's night was filled with terror while he was pet-sitting at a friend's haunted apartment.

9. One person came across what looked like a ritualistic sacrifice.

10. A security camera in an England pub caught a wet floor signmoving on its own.

11. One woman decided to share what she does to the children she babysits when they're asleep.

12. Creepy noises that sounded like dragons roaring were recorded in Slovakia.

13. A diver briefly shared a cage with a terrifying great white shark.

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