This Clown Motel Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds. Yikes!

Coulrophobia is the severe fear of clowns, and it's estimated to plague nearly 12 percent of the U.S. population.

Many believe that this phobia didn't exist on such a large scale until the release of Stephen King's thriller "It." Since then, several creepy and murderous clowns have appeared in movies and television, and a string of killer clown attacks in 2016 certainly didn't help matters.
If you happen to suffer from coulrophobia, you probably try your best to avoid all things clown. But the brave people who choose to spend a night in this roadside motel are doing just the opposite.

Meet the Clown Motel, located in the small mining town of Tonopah, Nevada. It's truly one of a kind.


Owned by Bob and Deborah Perchetti, this clown-infested motel has been in operation for over 20 years.

Every inch of the property is covered in clown figurines, dolls, and other memorabilia.

The motel's office alone is adorned with over 500 creepy clown items. Talk about a friendly welcome.

The clowns range from happy and friendly to intentionally terrifying.

A night's stay at this motel might be one way to overcome your fear of clowns...or give it new life.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Clown Motel is not without its share of controversy. Visitors have reported hearing unexplained footsteps and voices, leading many to believe that the place is haunted.
Adding to the creepiness is the fact that the motel is right next to the Tonopah Cemetery.

Before entering their rooms, guests are welcomed by a clown decoration on the door.

Inside the rooms, though, the clown decor is very minimal.

Hopefully you don’t mind a sadistic clown painting watching you as you sleep.

Despite the potentially off-putting clown theme, Yelp users can't get enough of the motel.

Lisa P. said, "Such a unique motel! I loved my stay there and with the owners being so very friendly to me, traveling alone, it almost felt like staying over at a friend's place rather than in a motel."
Would you stay at the Clown Motel? This video might just scare you away:
(via 22 Words)

You can't help but admit that the motel is charming in its own creepy way. Be sure to share this with your friends who love clowns (and your friends who can't stand them)!

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