This YouTube Channel Is Popular But Could They Be Abusing And Exploiting Their Kids?

YouTube is the most popular place online to watch videos, and you can find pretty much any kind of content.

It's opened the door for us to be able to see into the lives of anyone with a camera who wants to document what happens every day. An incredibly popular genre on YouTube is the "family vlog," or video blogs about a family's antics. Sometimes they just follow whatever happens, and sometimes they're more controlled or scripted. Either way, it's a cool way to get to know what other families are up to.
One such family vlog is called DaddyOFive, and with more than 750,000 subscribers, they're incredibly popular and make money on ad revenues. After one of their recent videos, however, people are raising concerns that this family might be an abusive one.

In this screenshot from a now-deleted video, the parents are yelling and cursing at one of their children after finding ink all over his carpet. This was actually a "prank" set up by the parents, who eventually tell the boy that it's not real after he becomes visibly distressed.

Many were shocked by the video, claiming it constituted emotional abuse, which put a spotlight on some of the family's other pranks, too. Often they involve cursing at or belittling the children, and they can even get violent.

The parents claim that everyone is in on the joke and that the children receive far more benefits from their YouTube participation than negative effects. Furthermore, they say Child Protective Services has already visited their home and cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Careful subscribers are quick to point out, however, that one of their children often bears the brunt of the jokes. Cody winds up being hit by his siblings and cries about not wanting to be filmed or blamed for things he didn't do in the "pranks." It's upsetting to see a child so clearly hurt by these actions. If you look closely at this image, you can see what looks like blood on his pillow.

YouTuber Philip DeFranco has a great run-down of the concerns regarding the DaddyOFive channel, and as a father himself, DeFranco shares those worries.

This video reveals even more of the abuse these children endure in the name of YouTube views. It's hard to apologize your way out of this.

I feel so bad for the kids involved in this mess. What do you think should be done about these parents? Let us know in the comments and keep the conversation going by sharing this with family and friends.

This YouTube Channel Is Popular But Could They Be Abusing And Exploiting Their Kids? This YouTube Channel Is Popular But Could They Be Abusing And Exploiting Their Kids? Reviewed by ricardo on 5:55 a. m. Rating: 5

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